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Happy Birthday all Cancers! As this periods kicks off with the Sun moving into this emotional water sign, it gives us the opportunity to once again get to know the realms of this first water sign. When the Sun moves through Cancer we might get a bit more sentimental and emotional, reminders of how this Sun sign expresses itself. We might want to spend more time with family and loved ones, and what time is better then the gathering of family at midsummer?


Summer Solstice – Sun in Cancer Trine Jupiter in Pisces 20-21.6 2021

During summer solstice the Sun is at 0 degrees of Cancer and has now reached its point of no return, the point as far north as it can from the Equator during its whole yearly cycle. In the northern hemisphere night equals the day and there is light all around the clock, especially where I live in Finland! Simultaneously the largest of our planets Jupiter slows down and stations retrograde at 2 degrees 11 in Pisces making a beautiful trine to this Solstice Sun. This retrograde phase will last until Oct 18 this year.

The stationary planets are often perceived to have increased intensity in the chart, making their own impact also on a global scale. The aspects they are making are highlighted and in the Solstice chart – Jupiter is making only one major aspect through the trine to the Sun. This makes it even more interesting as the planet might also be seen as unintegrated when not making any other major aspects. Periods when Jupiter has been at a stationary point has been viewed as important when concerning religious or ideological matters. People who have been instrumental to religious and ideological causes have often been born with Jupiter station.

To mention a few examples, spiritual leader Dalai Lama was born during stationary Jupiter in Scorpio, but so was also dictator Adolf Hitler with stationary Jupiter in Capricorn. It´s time to look back and rethink some of the opinions and systems that have been established up to that point.  How do we find our own truth? As the world is slowly opening up after the pandemic, this might also be a time when limits are fully tested as we proceed into a new and unknown reality.

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In the Solstice chart Uranus is also opposing the Scorpio Moon, while Saturn and Mars square it, adding a great deal of restlessness to the whole picture. This aspect might also add to the feeling of insecurity, call for social change, and a need to challenge the status quo. So, while enjoying the holiday let´s also be ware of staying safe and careful.

You can explore where Jupiter will be transiting in your chart during this time, and the same with Uranus, and apply these influences to your personal life.


Capricorn Full Moon – Pluto/Venus opposition (June 24th)

The Full Moon in Capricorn with Pluto opposing Venus on June 24 might then come with some more intense emotions on the side. In the sign of Capricorn, the Full Moon might highlight the conflict between our sense of duty and our emotional needs that make us feel vulnerable.  At the Full Moon there is a general feeling of restlessness when the energies involved are opposing each other. With Pluto and Venus in the same framework, we may confront issues concerning power,  and other insecurity concerning ourselves or close relationships—it is time for “shadow work” and bring to surface what was under the surface.

You may feel more possessive of your loved ones for example. Pluto’s influence might suddenly make things seem very black and white.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon degree, 3,27 Capricorn is “A Human Soul, in its eagerness for new experiences, seeks embodiment”. Embedded in the feelings of power struggle we might also be needing to prove ourselves as this Moon sign asks us to act in a confident and deliberate manner.

We will simply not accept a no for an answer. The sign of Capricorn is challenging us to keep a rational head, take charge of our emotions and can help us to achieve the goals we set earlier. This Full Moon time might therefore be a very productive one for finishing personal projects and other loose ends, and lead mind over emotions. A reminder of the body parts associated with this Moon sign are the bones of the body, including joints, knees, teeth or spine/back. Perhaps a time for a visit to the chiropractor or massage therapist?


URANUS – MARS – SATURN T-Square 12-13 degrees Fixed SIGNS (1th of July)

Driving a car with three wheels-

This period of 2021 we are also getting a possibility to experience a T-square in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo and Aquarius that will be exact on the first of July. T-squares have a reputation of being a difficult to deal with energetically, especially when situated in the unyielding fixed signs. These alignments also reflect very strong energies, that can help us strive toward our goals in a consistent fashion.

If we break down this square, the planets opposing each other are Saturn hitting the brakes in Aquarius opposing Mars in the fire sign Leo pushing the gas pedal, while the focal planet is Uranus in Taurus, challenging the status quo of our economies and resources. The reoccurring theme for the Year has been the Saturn and Uranus recurring square. Karmically speaking, t-squares in fixed signs refer to very old patterns of behaviour that are worked on repeatedly.

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Mars opposing Saturn can describe a confrontation of authority figures, a need to challenge leaders. This is reinforced by the square to Uranus in Taurus that prompts a change in our foundations and the use of resources. This can lead to contentious energies with parental figures or governments. It is worth paying attention to our health during this time, especially the cardio/vascular system (Leo/Aquarius) axis.

Someone once described this configuration as driving a car with only three wheels. The T-square containing three planets with a tense connection to each other is not easy to navigate. To be able to better resolve this we might need to add the “missing” link that makes this pattern more equal.

Globally this might express a time when feelings of frustrations run higher than usual. With this type of energy from the end of June into early July might feel as if We are eager for a change that is not coming fast enough. Sometimes the missing “fourth wheel” might be the place to for a solution to the built-up of tension, and in this case, it would be the empty point of Scorpio 13-14 degrees. While there may be frustration, the positive side of this intensity can describe many successful projects that require determination and strength can come to light! It might though be important to be more conscious of the way we move about and with our own personal rhythm especially around this date. Once we push through and get this fixed energy started, there´s hardly anything that can stop us.


A spiritual cycle – Venus and Mars conjunct at 19 Leo (July 13).

At the end of July Venus and Mars ends another cycle at 19 degrees Leo. These relationship planets form conjunctions in a series of events recurring over a thirty two years period and are seen as highlights of spiritual growth. It might be of interest to check out where this conjunction is playing out in your personal chart, as this might be a area of Your life where these two can teach you something about yourself and about your way of relating to the world. This is simultaneously a starting and an end point of the feminine and masculine forces, the conjoining of the emotional and passionate sides these two planets represent.

Asteroid Juno /Hera, associated with ideals in relationships will station retrograde on the South Node the 14 of July.  When planets or asteroids are in contact with the Lunar Nodes, this might especially highlight some karmic issues.

Some old relationships matters or attitudes towards what we experience to be our ideal in relationships,   might become important with this asteroid situated on the South Node. The retrograding asteroids might karmically speaking behave a bit different from the retrograding planets, as they might suggest that there´s some form of injustice that´s been going on in the past which now puts a break on the asteroid energy, not making it that easy to access.

In the sign of Sagittaurus, Juno might help us to acknowledge how our values in relationships work, putting emphasis on the spiritual and intellectual side of the relationship. In a fire sign she might ask us to focus on the shared visions and questions of independence in our relationships. Maybe we require more intellectual stimulation in relations or reassess our joint values or visions.

Another Asteroid Goddess Ceres Demeter moves into Gemini, the last day of July. This Goddess in each and every sign teaches us about 12 different ways to nurture ourselves and others. In the sign of Gemini, Ceres might be prone to use meaningful conversations and information as a way of show affections. How about reading that book that you never found the time to delve into? Or talk to your friend about some important matter will maybe give you a much deeper experience now than usual. Public figures born with Ceres in Gemini are for example the brave pilot Amelia Earhart and astrologer Alan Leo both pioneers in their own fields of travel and publication.


A new energy boost – New Moon @ 16 Leo (8th of August)

The New Moon gets a boost of fire energy in the sign of Leo at 16 degrees and things might start to kick off in a grand way. This new start can also make us feel the urge to go ahead in a new direction. The New Moon may bring changes or makes us think more about what direction to proceed. In the sign Leo this lunation is square Uranus possibly making us restless and impatient because we would like to bring upon fast changes.

This lunation may also bring out the more gentle side of Leo, maybe through generosity and heart-centeredness. The New Moon in a fire sign can give us the opportunity to commit to new goals, and perhaps even represent a new romance. With Leo this might also be a good time to enjoy the fun things in life and let your inner child out to play. With Uranus there might always be a strike of surprise or change of plans so it´s good to be a bit more flexible than usual.

At the end of August, the Full Moon in Aquarius will conjunct Jupiter as the Sun will be ingressing into Virgo. Jupiter gives this otherwise “cool” Moon sign enthusiasm and optimism. It may represent our need to enhance our social life  and get together with likeminded people, maybe in a group studying astrology. Jupiter is also the planet ruling spiritual growth and worldviews, so these might be themes of interest during this period. The Virgo Sun will add to the practical arrangements we need to address to, so it´s a good place to make those plans real and get to work!

Mars opposing Neptune at 22 Virgo/Pisces (September 2nd)

A complex configuration alignes with Mars in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces. Mars in Virgo aims at precision and strategic action, whereas Neptune often represents a loss of focus, uncertainty, and more difficulty to get a grip on things.

This opposition can manifest in a number of ways, and as with oppositions we tend to slide from one planet theme to the other. In a positive way, this can generate inspiration for artistic expression, inspiring us to use the practical energy of Virgo Mars to manifest the dreams of Neptune in Pisces.

The challenge is to find the balance between what we can and cannot control, and we must be careful not to lose ourselves in the process. This configuration can require a gesture of self-sacrifice and being of service.  We need to be mindful about losing our boundaries and  the need to assert ourselves. Learning when to fight and when to let go.. Possible self-doubt or a feeling of defeat can emerge, prompting us to focus on the things we really feel are most important to fight for.



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Picture: Elise Baumann

Anne Sundell Dip. MISPA

Is a Finnish based astrologer, writer and Opas Finnish Satellite

She´s head lecturer and founder of the Finnish astrological education programme:

Journey of The Soul Ltd – Education for Karmic and Esoteric Astrology

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