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First Published in OPAs Career Astrologer Magazine Astrology of Relationships September Equinox

Career Astrologer Magazine Sep 2021


Venus moving into Sagittarius (October 7 – November 5) Freedom in Relationships

On the October 7, Venus will ingress into the freedom-loving sign Sagittarius. Our need for affection may be combined with some need for adventure. Can we do that? By October 9, Venus will conjunct both South Node and the Moon early in Sagittarius, amplifying strong emotions. This triple conjunction can make us prone to compulsive actions relating to Venusian themes. Planets on the South Node may bring some karmic themes to surface – is there an unfinished business with past relationships?

Venus in Sagittarius invites us to better understand the meanings for our relationships. We seek growth and development through relationships and this dynamic can compel us to ask deeper questions. We may also meet friends or new partners from different cultures, expanding our horizons. At 13 Sagittarius, Venus will reach its maximum distance (elongation) from the Sun (47 degrees distance) on October 19 – You can see her during this whole time as an incredibly bright light setting after the Sun early evening.


New Moon in Scorpio opposing Uranus – 12 Scorpio/Taurus (November 4)


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This New Moon will likely prompt us to examine our deepest feelings. Uranus (rules the higher mind) contrasted with the New Moon in Scorpio (deep emotional introspection) can reflect a need to evolve our emotions and learn better ways to manage our pains and passions. This may be a time when we have deep realizations and understanding about our relationships – learning to detach (Uranus) and re-attach in a healthier way (New Moon in Scorpio).

Since 2018 Uranus has been transiting the Taurus, representing sustainability, resources, and the need for stability, we have witnessed a need for progress and development in these areas; for example, the rise of crypto currencies and new economic systems, and the need to change the way we use resources as a whole. The Sabian symbol for this New Moon at 12°40 Scorpio, is “An inventor performs a laboratory experiment.” This is a good time to set sail for new destinations, discovering new solutions to old problems. With Scorpio we need to go deep into the root of issues, but Uranus challenges us to think out of the box. Listen to your intuition!


Partial Lunar Eclipse at 27 Taurus (November 19) Saros Cycle 126 Seeking stability

This is the first eclipse during this peri[1]od, shifting from the Sagittarius/Gemini axis to Taurus/Scorpio. Nodal placements are the indicators of eclipses. They have an 18 years and 7 months cycle. So, eclipses will also have an 18- to 19-year recurrence. 19 years ago, the same eclipse degree occurred on November 19, 2002. Can you recall if there is any theme related to that time that may resurface now?

Last time the nodal axis was in Taurus and Scorpio were the years 2002-2004. During that time, we had the SARS outbreak (November 2002) and the economy was still affected by the crisis of 9/11. In January 2022, the Nodal Axis will shift to Taurus (North Node) Scorpio (South Node), and all eclipses will for the next 18 months take place on this axis. These signs are teaching us about restoring balance after a period of turmoil. Astrology author Martin Schulman thought that these nodes represent some of the most challenging karmic lessons, teaching us how to move forward, and not look back, as we reach for the stability and harmony Taurus has to offer.


Total Solar Eclipse at 12 Sagittarius (December 4) The last eclipse on the Sagittarius/ Gemini axis,  Saros Cycle 152

Eclipses of the Sun may bring more concrete external changes than lunar ones. Historically, they were commonly viewed as frightening omens, but today we see that these alignments can astrologically work as portals highlighting parts of the chart that are important for our development. See in which house this eclipse will be in your birth chart, and reflect on the themes that began during the 2020 eclipses in Gemini/Sagittarius. This last eclipse con[1]cludes issues that you started to work on back then. With Sagittarius, we may expect events that affect religious affairs, travel, and international relations.


Venus retrograding in Capricorn (December 20th) The Power of Commitment in Relationships

Just ahead of the new year, Venus turns retrograde at 26 degrees Capricorn, right next to Pluto. The last time she was retrograde in the sign of Capricorn was in 2013. Each retrograde occurs every 18 months, and each a whole Venus cycle takes 8 years. When Venus is retrograde, we have the opportunity to dive deeper and reflect on our values, priorities, and relationships. Capricorn is often seen as a materialistic sign, — strategic and collectively-oriented. This period can help us direct our focus on balancing our need for affection and love with a sense of duty, commitment, and professional development. Assess if there is something that needs realignment between love and career. These might not always be the most comfortable questions, but this transit is an excellent time to work on these issues. It is helpful to notice in which house the retrograding Venus is in your chart. During the retrograde period, we may also stumble over previous acquaintances or ex-lovers.

About eight percent of the world’s population have Venus retrograding in their natal chart, making that an even smaller percentage than with Venus in Capricorn. On Christmas eve, December 24, she will make an exact conjunction with Pluto. Venus connections to Pluto are often seen as power struggles, especially around love and money issues. We will further explore this dynamic in the upcoming December Solstice edition of the magazine.

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Anne Sundell Dip. MISPA is a Finnish based astrologer, writer, and OPA’s Finnish Satellite. She´s head lecturer and founder of the Finnish Astrological Education programme: Journey of The Soul Ltd – Education for Karmic and Esoteric Astrology

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