Astrologer Anna Maria Costa Ribeiro has written about Asklepius:

Let´ s talk a little about Asklepius, son of Apollo and Coronis, that Boreal Lady. Coronis refused Apollo, she was very realistic : she a woman, he a God. Apollo hated to be rejected.
He complained to his sister Artemis, because he didn´t want to have dirty hands. When one revenges for other, the revenge is worst. Artemis put Coronis in a big fire.No help. But Apollo caught his son from the dead mother. Argh! He was Asklepius: – a traumatic birth Necessary: he will be the Medicine doctor ( but the great medicine god is his father) And, you know:

To cure, you must be hurt. If you want to know if you have the protection of Asklepius in you birthchart, or his anguishes, you must have: – something of the element Fire, because he was born by the fire, or a strong Mars or Sun – a difficult birth – the gift of cure, mainly by clarifying situations, because the fire is light and if you dont face the pain, how can you eliminate it? – some trauma in your life Pain kills and cures. How is Pluto in your chart?

Pain is like Jormundgand, and you must be like Thor to face her. The Sun is life. To cure is to restore life. Light and dark are Asklepius companions. But Asklepius had a depression. He was very, very sad because he couldn´t cure everybody. That s hybris! Arrogance! Even God, even Odin couldnt cure everybody. Above all, above Zeus/Jupiter, above Odin, there are: The Moiras, The Nornes. Past- present-future. And the future is one: Death.

So, Asklepius couldnt accept that. That was his sin. Pluto again. The other side of Pluto. There are 2 Powers Pluto: 1. Power that eliminates obstacles 2. Power that don´t accept not to have Power. That was the case. Because of the familiar trauma, Asklepius was fragile inside. besides his intelligence in matters of health. But not his health, his emotional health. That was fragile. Yes, that great doctor, who beneficts many, many people in his fantastic Epidauro Temple , he couldnt save him. ‘
Because of his emotional side, his Moon. Who cures need to dominate his emotions. If not, he gets an adversary: himself. If you divide yourself, you lost your life.
That is Asklepius lesson. So, he died. Pluto and Jupiter had a talk. Its time ´for Asklepius to die. He must not to save everybody, that s reason A. But there is a reason B: A depressed person cant be in harmony. And harmony, Venus, is the biggest cure.
Every great doctors, body and soul, had traumas: Kyron, Garuda, Omulu,Paracelso, etc Perhaps you too. If you are the one whos wants to give health, for body and soul. Even that. go ahead.

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