Commonly asked questions


Here I’m going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions within astrology!

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  1. Are there any scientifical evidence that astrology actually works?

Answer: There is an constant ongoing research on astrological methods and modern science. One of the most known are probably Gaugelins studies. The planets Mars, Jupiter, and Saturnus’ placements in the astrological chart where shown to correlate with career options.


Another more recent studie shows that the temperament based elements we astrologers use are coinciding with Hans Eysencks (EPI) personality test 

The finnish astrologer Kyösti Tarvainen have also actively studied astrology.

This is not a direct answer to the question, but feel free to go through the links for more information!



2. Do you really believe in astrology?

Astrology isn’t anything to believe in. It’s not a religion. Astrology is based on mathematical calculations of planets (and other celestials) placements at different occations. A good way of learning more about astrology is to follow up with how they are moving and make your own perception of it all.

I recommend all my clients to be skeptical and to be in contact with different astrologers since we all have our own way of working, just like any other working person. The information an astrologer gives out should always be based of a certain calculation, with that said, they should be able to explain how they came up with that conclusion.