Karmic Relationships

Karmic Relationships

Karmic Relationships- No one is sent to anyone by accident

Anne Sundell Dip. MISPA 


Most of us have been there. Meeting someone who seems familiar from the first eye contact. Someone who we have probably known before – an instantaneous attraction. A feeling like coming home…

The words Soulmate and Twinflames are commonly used today as meaning of a fated meeting between individuals often referred to as lovers. These terms are also used somehow simultaneously. But what does it really mean? This fated meeting. And what is the difference between a Soulmate and a Twinflame`?


Soulmate or Twinflame? 

Starting with a brief examination of the term ”Soulmate” which might refer to someone we have (or have had) a deep connection with and which is here to teach us something. This doesn’t mean that you are actually the same soul.  We are talking about an agreement made before we were even born. It does not really seem so romantic. And at times it is not about romance at all. This person might make you feel complete or at home at first but beneath there often lies a deeper transformational meaning for both parties in the relationship. The change is often accompanied with some pain and so is, to look within at least when it comes to facing our less beneficial characteristics. A soulmate will make You aware of the faults in Yourself, the things that needs adjustment. This union is a union that will not leave either one untouched by transformation. Even if this means the ending of a relationship in less favorable circumstances. What is sure is that things will never be the same neither will the persons involved, neither in a friendship or as partners. 

Sometimes the soulmates involved are tested through certain crisis periods, tests that might deepen their union or break it. In either case, it will be an involvement of emotions that will not be forgotten.

Twin flames on the other hand seem to be a quite rare case. The name refers to a harmonic way of relating where mutual respect and freedom is present. It is like a mirror of Your soul, like meeting the missing half of yourself. Sometimes it is hard to make a distinction between a Soulmate and a Twin flame relation. In literature today they tend to get rather mixed up and somehow confusing. Soulmates might even be here because of revenge or such, when twin flames needs to form a relationship out of pure love for the other soul involved. Twin flame relation is not about payback or about the lesson. Soulmate experiences are in fact a preparation for our soul to become ready and open for our twin flames arrival. If a relationship is burdened by the sense of duty, love seems hard, the forcing change upon each other, or on certain conditions we are not talking about a Twin flame union. Twin flame relationship might not start out as an instant magnetic attraction as Soulmates, but instead as a calm and loving feeling.

If we believe in that we all are reincarnated as parts of different soul types like illustrated in the diagram below then it may be easier to understand that we might meet one or two familiar souls during our life journey. The purpose of these meetings will vary and the intensity and themes involved depending on the lesson. Some of the souls we meet are comrades from the past. Some are enemies.  


From the diagram it seems obvious that the Souls have different types of routes when incarnating.  It is never an easy task to specify what kind of themes are involved though. In her book on Soulmates Judy Hall explain  this in a very crucial way: Soulmates are either good or bad experiences and they might start with a blitz and end in sorrow or pain. Or they might attain peace together. Which one it will be can according to her can be seen from the way the relationship has started. 

A soulmate relationship is usually highly tensed either emotionally or sexually and comes with a sense of ” I must” continue to see this person. Sometimes the connection is not meant to continue during this lifetime. Sometimes it is a beginning of a new cycle with the person involved into future (life) lives. What is common though is that there is an impact on the persons involved in a deep and transforming manner. 


How might astrology help us out?

Looking at the synastry charts, how can we determine what really is going on in a relationship? While in the AA conference in England this summer I attended a very interesting lecture by Izabela Podlaska, regarding the different games of relationships. The persons level of development with their planets are important for how we interact with each other and what stand we take in situations. We still need Mars and Venus to make us tick, but what comes after is still of bigger importance. Is this a fated union? In relationship it is not uncommon that we fall in some pitfalls expecting the other soul to behave as they did in the other lifetime, projecting all expectations on them and this way becoming disappointed as time shows this is not the case. 

There are some special features in astrology that might tell us what we are up against in relationships. Karmically speaking the first thing that comes to mind are the Moon Nodes being our karmic axis in the chart. Partner’s planets conjuncting or making aspects to the nodes and especially when a two-way connection is seen is an indication that strong karmic pattern is being worked with. 

To start with a classical example let’s have a look at the following chart:  

The classic couple everybody knows is Liz Taylor and Richard Burton. The Hollywood Love story of the century. What we find very interesting is to see that Vertex is exactly on the other ones Moons Nodes both ways! So talking about a fated union… 

The Vertex axis is seen to be seen as the axis of fate, and in combination with the Nodes it gives the relationship a special importance. Vertex has sometimes been associated with our place in society, and this relationship was of course taking the place in the spotlight. There is a certain theme of irrationality because of Burton’s Uranus close to Taylor’s North node. As we know the couple separated and married twice, and the union was not of the calmer kind. It was an on and off relationship. Despite the couple being in love with other people they just could not stay away from each other. 

The combination of Scorpio and Pisces in the charts gives the relationship a deep feeling level. This union seems to be a bit mystical and these signs might have easier to confine in each other than the others. It is said that the relation started when Burton being drunk got help from Taylor to drink from a cup. His alcoholism continued through their marriages when her misuse of both alcohol and pills escalated. The Pluto and Juno conjunction is a very strong force but might create quite some unnecessary drama. 

Taylor’s Neptune, which also happens to be her ruling planet is situated on Burton’s Moon. A very strong idealization and feeling of romance indeed as well as a pitfall of not seeing clearly through the rose coloured fog. Their marriage was also colored by addictions, by separations and dramas. 

The saying: “I can’t live with You, nor without You” was outlived like in so many other Soulmate unions. 


The Gender Question

Soul partners are often referred to in combination of as a sexual union, like the sacral marriage of the twin flames. To highlight the way gender might be viewed I would like to refer to what Plato told in his Symposium. The story goes that the first humans created where two persons in one body having 4 arms, legs and two heads, being high on their superiority. This started to get out of hands, as they started to attack the Gods rolling around in extacy. Zeus had to do something to stop them. Unwilling to kill these extraordinary creatures he decided to split them in halves. Since that day it is said that the halves are always longing for the other half and this brings us to the explanation of the never ending search for Soulmates.

In ancient Greece there were originally three sexes, female, male and hermaphrodites. So when those where split in half trying to get together with the other half the outcome was not always the same match. In their search for another they might find anyone of the three genders to pair with. This explaining the variety of sexuality in humans. There are also myths concerning the same in Mesopotamia and Egypt. 

Indifferent of gender, a sexual union between soul connections is a special one. This is because of its possibility to activate the sacral sexual energy (sacral bone) that’s also referred to as the kundalini energy, flowing through the chakras. Meeting a soul partner might feel like meeting the one that can release your sexual self, touching you on the deepest spiritual level. This might be an illusion though if it is not in line with the spiritual, physical and emotional union that should be a part of a true twin flame connection. This way, when the connection is not real the sexual chemistry might become a downfall. As Plato writes whoever has the possibility to encounter their other half will feel a joy so strong that the sex will even not matter. 


Element division 

When thinking about synastry we often draw people into our life that can teach us what we need to learn at a specific moment in time.  It is fascinating to see that over and over again we attract partners that have the elements in their chart that we are missing out. Karmically speaking if an element is missing there are actually two ways it might be dealt with in this lifetime. The individual might already master the qualities of the element in question and in this lifetime is not getting help anymore from the planets in that element to be able to work with it. The other way to view it is that this element is a life lesson to be explored. When the Moon’s North Node is situated in the missing element, this might be the case.  This is seen in the example case below where his 6 planets in earth is balancing her two, but where the lack of water in the charts are highlighted by the karmic bonds between emotions (moon). 

Let´s have a look at the relationship of Vanessa Paradise and Johnny Depp. Here we see clearly a so-called double connection between the nodes.  

As Vanessa stated: “You can be in love and still be unhappy”… Calling Johnny the love of her life. The couple was together for 14 years, two Saturn cycles and had two children. The double connection of their Moons on the other ones Nodes talks about a karmic connection that does not have to mean though a continuing relationship. When planets are aspecting the north nodes like in this case, the story becomes more complicated. In general we might think that planets on the North Node and especially the partner’s personal planets generally are better off if the persons involved are somewhat in tune with their North Node themes. What happens here is that they are at the same time sitting on their South Nodes because the nodal axis happens to oppose the others.

Be in the sign of Cancer and Capricorn the Moon’s position tells about some emotional karmic issue which still is a lesson for both of them in this life. The issue of mothering will certainly be present and what is interesting to read is that Depp accused Paradise of being rude to his mother during their relationship. Karmic astrologer Irene Andrieu writes about this type of connection as a sign of that the persons emotional life has been very active in a former life. Suggesting that people having this type of aspect should dedicate themselves to a specific goal where their emotional life might be developed as they are very sensitive and susceptive of energies from the world around them. To find a way to direct the energy in question instead of letting it direct your actions. A union where emotions run high depending on the developmental state of the nodes.

Another important feature that is good to be aware of in any composite connection is that the aspects made by Chiron. In this relationship, Chiron is conjuncting Jupiter in the ninth house. Depp’s Jupiter is in Aries hitting Paradise’s retrograding Chiron. In mythology the story of Jupiter as the rescuer or deliberator of Chiron is positive. In this relationship Depp’s infidelities really hurt his wife and played a part in the couple’s divorce. When Chiron is involved we hurt, and it might exaggerate the hurt between the spouses for example in a painful divorce that will need healing in itself.


And at last. Yes, I have been there… Thinking, why all this pain?  And soulpartner relationships might try to break you or leave you picking up the pieces of Your heart several times. But when viewing it in the way of one soul actually sacrificing itself to specifically teach You a lesson in Your personal development. That´s kind of beautiful. 



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