Karmic charts reading


What´s the lessons and gifts Your soul has brought into this lifetime? In this karmic reading we explore the broader approach to Your astrological journey through different lifetimes. Six different charts are analyzed in this session, besides Your birthchart this reading includes the karmic chart and four lifecycle charts.

The reading can be done in person or by zoom and recorded.

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This reading contains 6 astrological charts and the analyzing of them from a karmic perspective of astrology. I use the karmic astrological methods that have been developed in Europe during the last decades, mostly in the French and German astrological schools. These methods have been used by Huber, Andrieu, Weiss and Bachmann.

Besides examining the themes of your birthchart, I also use complementory charts to get a better overview of the Souls journey. Theese include the karmic chart and 4 devlopmental life cycle charts.


You can read more about the methods I use in this magazine: https://opaastrology.org/CAMarch2019Equinox.pdf (page 4 onward)


Don´t hesitate to contact me for further questions. You may email me at: astrologiservice@gmail.com



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