Feedback: “It’s interesting how you with the help of the Sun, the Moon and other planets and asteroids placement at birth – can tell so much about a persons life…


I offer different kinds of astrological courses. Because of the current situation, all studies are held online.


When participating in a course you have the possibility to use your own birth chart as a base for your learning.  I will also help you to do readings in your own chart.


Most of the courses are two days of intensive lectures. They can be held for a group or privately. I can customize courses individually if needed.



Participant: “To get your own chart is very interesting, but when you take a course and get to learn about the horoscope on a deeper level, that´ s when you realize that this really is true, for real. How could the chart tell so much about me.” 

“My interest for astrology has made me take several classes with Anne, and every time I get filled with wonder over how much knowledge she have. I genuinely recommend Anne. 

  • Basic Astrology Course

    •  Contains the absolute basic knowledge of the chart. The signs of the zodiac, the houses and functions of planets in the horoscope. This course suits beginners and doesn´t require prevoius knowledge.

  • Astrology Advanced

    • Provides You with deeper knowledge of the chart. The functions of aspects and elements, together with the qualities and different types of chart systems and figures in the chart.

  • Karmic Chart

    • This course stresses the importance of the karmic background of the chart. The moons nodes, retrograde planets and individual karmic patterns. Basic knowledge of the signs, planets and houses are required.

  • Relationship astrology

    • Contains different ways of exploring what each person is looking for in another. Who are You drawn to, and why? Through the methods of Synastry and Comparison You learn some basic ways of chart compatibility.

  • Year charts, Solar Return

    • Every Year around your birthday, You get a new astrological chart! In this course we explore the techniques available for understanding the year ahead. Some basic knowledge of the chart is required.

  • Transits

    • You learn about the planets movements right now and how they affect Your chart. The ephemerides and it´s use. We also explore the progressions movements. Basic knowledge about the chart is required.

  • Asteroids

    • Learning about the different kinds of knowledge the Asteroids provide in the chart together with the mythological backgrounds. Basic knowledge of the signs and houses is required.

  • Development in the chart

    • Here we explore the different stages of development and how it´s possible to relate them to astrology. Crisis in life, critical stages of development and psychology´s relation to astrology is the courses focus.The own chart may be use as a reference tool.