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Astrology what?

Astrology is a very old knowledge that have been around in different cultures for thousands of years. 


Astrology is based on calculations of the planets positions at important moments and  to from that make and astrological chart.


The early Sumerians have been said to be the ones who created the zodiac, the signs that we still use a lot.


Mesopotamia is known as the first place where they used astrology completely separatly from astronomy.


Back then you did so called “time charts” that were based on observations of the celestials. There were also a group that called themself priest-astrologers who investigated the seven planets movements.


A lot of famous people have through time shown interest in astrology. To mention a few; Galileo, Kopernicus, Jung, Hitler, Gandhi, Reagan.
If you want to know more about astrological research right now, you can follow this link: http://astrologynewsservice.com/

Client feedback: “I ordered a karmic horoscope as a gift for my daughter, and with it a whole new awareness opened up about her souls journey. I also got support for the thoughts and reflections I as a parent had had during her childhood. Now I have ordered my own reading! In the future I will also give astrological readings as gifts, because they are unique and personal. I have already recommended Astroservice to friends and family. Right now I can’t even wait for my own reading to be done!”


About me

My name is Anne Sundell,
and I got interested in astrology already in my teens.
I am born 1978 and at the age of 17 (1996) I took my first basic course in astrology.
I am not a medium and I can not predict the future. I’ve learn what I know by simply studying the subject.
To my former profession I´m an international nurse and developmental psychologist.
I’ve been working among substance abusers, with teenagers, as a responsible supervisor and family worker within child protective services, within a correctional unit and also with different forms of charity work.
Beyond this I am also a published author.
Within the years I have participated in following astrology courses; Basic course, advanced course, Solar charts, Karmic astrology-course, and in 2015 I got accepted to MISPA Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology where I studied psychological astrology and graduated year 2018. 
Besides this Opa´s international educationprogramme and a specialization in relationship astrology are now in progress.
I´m a member of The Astrological Association, who granted me a scholarship year 2016. I function as the Chairwoman of Finland’s Professional Astrologers and is a member of AIPA .
My ethical outlook and professional secrecy is important for me in my astrological business.
But also the need to be able to know your own limits, to clearly explain to a client what a reading is all about and to not do readings about date of death or dishonest future interpretations.
There have been moments where it’s been necessary for me to recommend my client to seek professional help.
I encourage my clients to reach out and give feedback and ask questions that might emerge, during or after a session.
Throughout my studies also met other astrologers that I’ve been able to consult at possible questions or problematic situations. 
I work in Swedish, English and Finnish.
I record my chart readings to a CD or Audio, and I do consultations in person. I teach astrology and lecture.
I don’t mind participating in public and in media, as long as I get enough time to prepare for eventual readings.


Below a list of interviews and publication concerning astrology:
Astrologilta haetaan apua kriisitilanteisiin, Vaasan Ikkuna 2017
Karma Astrologia – RTV 2018, Finland
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When Beauty is more than skin deep- The Professional Astrologer OPA 2018, USA
När skönheten ligger djupare än på ytan, translation Margareta Hedin Damernas Värld 2018, Sweden
A glimpse of  Karmic astrology As practised in Europe – The Career astrologer OPA 2019, USA
En glimt av hur den karmiska astrologin används övs. Margareta Hedin Damernas Värld 2019. Ruotsi
                                             Intervju by Finnish radio about astrology 2019


Here you can find some of the services I provide. You can either order directly at my webshop or by contacting me.
Birth Chart Reading
Karmic Reading
Synastry reading
Asteroid Reading

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